Thursday, October 30, 2008

seeing double

it's been a while--I've been busy sewing actually :)
So I finally DID finish the dress I started posting/blogging about for the last 2 months. Then I had enough leftover fabric to make a top! I actually like wearing it b/c it fits me well and i didn't pay for it!

Friday, October 3, 2008

forgotten sketch

I think this was from last month...keep forgetting to date my drawings. Honestly, lately I've been throwing a lot of my sketches away out of frustration. But I took a shot of this one a while back, and just got it uploaded. It's ok...for now. : \

dress update

I finally put the zipper in the dress that I've been making for many months now...I guess now that summer's pretty much over I don't feel too motivated to finish it...but the zipper took a little while to set in b/c I'm used to the invisible zipper, and this one required a different technique. Well, I'm just out of practice, if you really want to know the truth..

There's not really much left on the dress! Just hemming it up and putting in a hook and eye...why is it taking me so long?!