Friday, June 11, 2010

"3" is for Toy Story 3...

Who would've thought, some chalkboard drawing I did for Toy Story 3 trailer "3" reference would have been chosen to appear as a feature art installation piece in the pixar gallery, and then made it to apparel! I actually didn't even know they used my design for the clothing until I saw it in the store's nice to feel like I've contributed visually to an animation feature.

eyelets and ruffles

Finally took a break from bag-making (filling orders and designing my fall collection, which has yet to happen...) and decided to venture into the "long black dress" that I think should be a staple for the summer. I actually saw a similar dress at jcrew but it was just plain black cotton--very simple, almost too simple (no bells or whistles: no pockets, no zipper, no lining). But I fell in love with the silhouette, and decided to make the dress and improve upon the design!

Here it is. I bought this beautiful eyelet fabric (it has a basket-weaving pattern which you can't really see in the picture, but so nice in person) from Jo-Ann's (thanks to cousin J for the gift card!), and a luxurious sateen thin cotton for lining (bought from a HUGE fabric depot in portland a few weeks back). I really wanted it to be strapless, so I put some elastic in the back, plus an invisible zipper and hook & eye closure. It's hard to see the ruffles on this duster length dress, but I love how it moves when I walk. Also I made sure the ruffles part weren't lined so you can see through the eyelet. I'm definitely ready for summer now!

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it only took 3 weeknights & a Sunday afternoon (to draft the pattern). I basically reused the strapless bodice from the bridesmaid's dress I made last summer (see entry for silk dupioni dress), and by far this is my favorite bodice--just fits perfectly, and I can add straps or not).

Now on to filling my bag orders! =)