Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spring Buds & White Elephants!

I've been wanting to develop new bag designs for a while now, but having to keep making the same bags to fulfill orders has kept me from creating more styles. These took me forever to challenge was to figure out how to set in deep compartments on the inside to hold more things (yes, I'm well on my way to develop a diaper bag concept), and also to create something still a bit cuter than the average canvas tote. I decided I couldn't leave the pleats out (probably my favorite elements in a lot of my bags), at least not for this line! I really LOVE how they turned out...I had to empty out the first one to shoot photos with it b/c I immediately started toting it around after completing it. These are made out of sturdy canvas that are doubled at the base, which makes these totes able to stand up on their own (another pro for the diaper bag design!)
The only thing I wish I could've shown in my pictures is how the handles are connected to the rest of the body. It's well-constructed and I'm really proud of it! Kind of was playing around with different ideas and decided this was the best approach. So far, 2 totes and 1 messenger bag! All in one weekend!

"Not-Just-Another-White-Elephant" tote. Comes in different colors--please inquire about what's available! $55

Monday, September 13, 2010

the elephant in the room... that there's now an Elephant bag! : ) I'm so excited about these! They are for sale. Please contact me for available zipper colors, and also for specifics on what the back fabric looks like. Some have elephants, some are the fun circle designs. $30
Larger totes in progress too!