Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Figure Paintings

I attended Randy Sexton's painting workshop early in January. It was great b/c I used Pixar's educational stipend for it! :) Hope to get some feedback from some co-workers still, but overall it was a challenge for me, and will continue to be. With the exception of the first 2 paintings, all of these were quick 20-min exercises, posted in order of latest to earliest. Considering the landscape class right now, but not sure yet...

Monday, February 9, 2009

new winter coat

My winter break project was to build a coat from this beautiful teal wool that I purchased from B.Black & Sons while in grad school. It was on super clearance...I vaguely remember paying no more than $20 for all 2 1/3 yds of this amazing wool. Anyway, 5 years later, I finally decided to make use of this material and test my coat-making skills once again...

It turned out beautifully--a lot better than I ever expected. My goal was to finish the coat in a week, which I ended up almost doing, except the button holes proved (once again, same thing with my first coat in school) a PAIN. My sewing machine wouldn't take the thick wool, so I ended up trying it for 2 days, and seam-ripping everything out, and doing it by hand. It looks okay, and no one can really tell.

These are pics of the process, final coat pic to come. The only thing I didn't document was the mock-up that I had to do the first day, since I re-designed the pattern and had to change a lot of things about the coat in order for there to be enough fabric. Then it was a couple hours of laying out the pattern and cutting. The pictures probably are from Day 2.