Sunday, November 4, 2012

leaves + bunting = new bathroom art

Baby j's bathroom is one that when giving tours to our house guests, I seem to apologize for the most.  Why?  b/c I actually was disappointed with the paint color I chose, but really only because I don't love the bathroom vanity that came with the house, but am not handy enough to do anything about it...(I think in another life, I would be a carpenter. ha!)

Anyway, I woke up on a Saturday morning just last weekend (like 4 am) and had the idea for baby j's bathroom.  I wouldn't say it's brilliant, but I just love how simple the designs are and how easy it was to execute.  It took me a few hours, but they were fun hours!  I had found 2 nice frames from Marshall's for $9.99 apiece that already came pre-matted, and was eager to get started.  lovely!

Here are photos, w/o further ado...(kind of step-by-step showing how I put it together--hot glue gun is my friend!)
1. lay out the design: i just used some scrap pieces from the laundry hamper I had just made for the bathroom, to tie them all in
 2. hot glue gun magic--pull taut and press down, to the back of the masonite board that came with the picture frame.
3. Give it a nice press with the iron--wrinkles are unforgiving when it's a framed art!
 4. I remembered to take pictures for my second piece of art.  I started to play around with the fabrics and decided to make "Falling Leaves"
 5. I wanted it to be slightly organic but also follow a pattern...
 6. Remember that there's a mat that the artwork should fit into
 7. Put the frame on, and hang! (apologies still for the bathroom...I'm working on a shower curtain to hide the not-so-pretty shower doors!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

hampering for apples

hm, not sure what the title really means...but in a rather uneventful day (is that even possible with a toddler girl needing attention every 5 minutes?!), I embarked on a project that started off as a tote, and then became a laundry hamper for baby j's bathroom.  I know, wha?  Don't know...I guess I really got too much time on my hands...I wasn't totally pleased with the project at first b/c I do better when I know what I'm making, so it actually was too big for the hamper frame.   I'll spare you of the evolution, but the end product is kind of fun.

So I had to make a few tucks and snips (yes, just like plastic surgery), and then take out the red handles that you see photographed.  It actually looks good in the bathroom now, and has inspired new artwork to be done (posting coming soon)!

je t'aime, baby j!

I've been making baby blankets amongst other things since baby j came along, and now, I'm proud to present the first of its kind--a baby j boutique original design jacket.  It is here!

Fabric purchased from Paris, expertly hand-crafted, I hope you like it!  : )