Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby's dress!

I was surprised to find that I have enough fabric left over from Baby's jacket to make her a dress too! This one is for when she's 0-3 months, in the summer months. :) I added the little rosettes as a special touch to the front. Oh oh...I think there's enough for a pair of booties too, to match the jacket! For this dress, I had some teal lining I had bought for myself to make a dress a while ago (which never happened), so I literally didn't have to buy any more materials for this!
I hope I can get new fabrics soon--as much as I like these prints, I'd like to diversify her wardrobe a bit. ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

for our lil' june bug

so for those of you who might not know...my hubby and i are expecting in june! :) being the crazy mommy that i am, i already made her a little jacket for when she's 6 months...I had so much fabric left that I already cut out a dress for her too! and maybe a pair of booties....I like the fabric i chose a lot, but can't wait to get new/fresh fabrics too for other baby projects!