Monday, June 16, 2008

photo collage for my sister...

My sis graduated with her MBA from UCI yesterday. I've been inspired by her photography, and wanted to do something similarly beautiful. Equipped with a less than powerful tool though (the Cannon poweshot A95), I couldn't get any good shots of her during the ceremony...but I think this will be sufficient in helping us to remember the wonderful event.

"Chinese Dumplings" short film

This is LONG overdue. I finally found the film that I costume-designed for: Chinese Dumplings. I worked with Michelle Hung (writer & director) & Quyen Tran (Cinematographer), and the film won the UCLA Spotlight in 2006 and Best Cinematography! It has since been featured in various venues. I also made the "stunt dumplings" featured on this film, with the help of Reina. Special thanks though must be given to my friend Christina Chao for her labor on helping me sew little laces onto Grace's socks, and the headband for Lucy. Lucy's costumes had to be basically made from scratch--her top I created from a t-shirt and a knit halter I found thrift. Her skirt was thrift women's size 14, and had to be made to fit her. The mom's clothes were mainly vintage, and her slippers were mine. :)

here's a link to the film on

best to you Michelle on the film--hope it gets made into a feature!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Black Book"-PSA film at Paramount

This is the short film I co-designed costumes for over 2 years ago, and I finally just found a "making-of" clip from it! The film was a public service announcement that won a screenwriting award and then produced by professionals from Paramount Studios. We had a trailer full of costumes! It was insane.

To see the making-of video, click here:

or here!

if you look closely, I'm wearing pink, towards the beginning of the film, helping an actor with her clothes. You really only see my pony tail and three-quarter view of my face. It's not an all glamorous job!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gesture drawing 6/10/2008

These are from yesterday's gesture drawing class. Yes, I take both gesture and figure drawing classes at Pixar!

So it's frankly hard for me to tell if I am doing well in gesture drawing, b/c it is so different from figure drawing. But Nick S., the instructor/friend from the class kept saying, "These are awesome, what happened?" Which seems to say I used to suck a lot more, and I was like, "Wow, even though I feel like I can't draw right now, you think these are good? I guess that's the key to being able to do gesture drawings..." So you be the judge. I have no idea.

"A few good wo-men"...

sorry i couldn't just put "More drawings" for my title--had to TRY to be clever. hehe.
But here are some results from today's figure drawing session at work. I felt pretty loose, after my recent vacation to I think my drawings are a bit more free.
I believe these were 1-2 min-poses. There is prob one on each sheet that I like, but decided to just put the whole thing on. :)