Monday, May 19, 2008

diggin' into the past...

I made this dress for my Barbie when I was 4 or 5. I remember I was really young, b/c I hadn't started my last year of kindergarten yet.
I recently remembered the collection of dresses and dug into some boxes and found only this one! I need to find the evening gown, the ballet dress, and others still. But this one was made from a sock I had which had holes in it, so it got converted into a dress.

I put it on a Barbie I found at work...just to see what it looks like on. But the decolletage is all stretched out now from the elastic losing its stretch...:(


Sam said...

Hi, Judy-- This is Sam, Cecilia Li's sister. She told me about your blog, so I just started reading today. I am SO IMPRESSED with your skills! Even when you were in kindergarten . . . you had the powers to transform a holey sock into a pretty dress!!!

judy Jou said...

hi sam! that's so sweet of you! I'm glad you liked the dresses. I'm sad that I can't find the rest of the "collection"! : 0