Tuesday, November 25, 2008

first figure paintings

This was the last painting I did from the painting class

It's been ages since I've done any blogging...well, aside from the figure drawing classes that I have been attending religiously, I also started a figure painting class with Randy Sexton, an artist who has taught a lot of my co-workers at Pixar. He's a brilliant painter, and a great teacher too. I was a little embarrassed to post my paintings, but now that the 8 weeks of classes are done (we didn't get to paint every week, so there aren't 8 paintings), I felt like it's worth sharing. I see improvement in my work, and although I'm far from where I want to be, I'm proud that I took the first step in taking this class.

Hope to continue with this in the Long pose nights...
week 1

week 2

week 3

week 4

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