Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First-eva 13" Macbook Pro laptop case...

Dimensions: 14" x 10"; handles each 14.25" long. Front pocket holds the battery pack nice and snug. :) $75

Part of the reason I haven't been blogging is that I've hit a wall with sewing. Perhaps with the baby coming in 2 months' time, my anxiety level has gone way up. Two weekends ago I attempted to cover a plush rocking chair for the nursery, and broke down crying b/c I was so tired, and it seemed like such an undertaking (but who can blame me when rockers/gliders that I like cost at least $500?) But suddenly, last weekend, a surge of energy returned and I was able to tackle some of these custom orders--finally!

Anyway, the idea of making laptop cases came from a dear friend of mine when I showed her my giraffe & elephant clutches a while back. Since the clutches were semi-circle shaped and a fairly large size to be considered a "clutch", she suggested that I make laptop cases. So I actually had been hoping to explore this for quite some time now, and just never got around to it--until another friend of mine asked if I could make one for her sister's 13" macbook pro.

My confession: the process (for some reason) wasn't as easy as it should've been...or could've been. I blame it on my dislike for putting zippers in...and this one was a bit more challenging since I had to put the zipper into essentially 3 layers of fabric (lining, outer fabric, padding), and then have the laptop fit snugly. Probably the part I'd like to figure out how to do better is how to sew the lining in after putting the zipper in...

I have to say, I'm actually very pleased with how it turned out, and hope that IF I were to make new ones, that it'd go a lot faster. This was 2 nights worth of work, which isn't bad, esp. since I was thinking it through in the process. Anyway, hope my friend likes it! =)

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