Thursday, November 1, 2012

hampering for apples

hm, not sure what the title really means...but in a rather uneventful day (is that even possible with a toddler girl needing attention every 5 minutes?!), I embarked on a project that started off as a tote, and then became a laundry hamper for baby j's bathroom.  I know, wha?  Don't know...I guess I really got too much time on my hands...I wasn't totally pleased with the project at first b/c I do better when I know what I'm making, so it actually was too big for the hamper frame.   I'll spare you of the evolution, but the end product is kind of fun.

So I had to make a few tucks and snips (yes, just like plastic surgery), and then take out the red handles that you see photographed.  It actually looks good in the bathroom now, and has inspired new artwork to be done (posting coming soon)!

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