Monday, December 26, 2011

the house, in progress!

OK, i'm just showing off my baby now. Here she is, being SO super happy in the jacket mommy made her. yes, she finally fits! once I set up my sewing room, I'm making more clothes...someday.

June's nursery was the first we really put the effort into decorating, of course, since she's the princess of this household...: ) we love the "silver sage" color for the walls and the yellow that I've been wanting for her little closet! It still needs shelving built into it, but for now, she's gotta use the closet hanging bar for her little dresses/jackets.
the seating has to be figured out still. we grabbed the old wooden chair from the SF house and our living room ottoman will do for now. got rid of the rocker/glider b/c we didn't really care much for it.

here's her little yellow closet : )

her toys in the corner still. don't worry, june will play with you guys when she's old enough!

And now...
on to the kitchen. After our friend Paul removed the cabinets, he pointed out mold all behind the cabinets in the sink area. The sellers were unethical in just covering up the mold. We're thankful that we decided to gut the kitchen, otherwise who would've known what would've caused us to be sick! So evil...: (

Anyway, before the cabinets were installed, we hired our contractor to completely patch up walls and remove tiles so the kitchen team could work. He did a great job.

This color is Behr's "Gentle Rain", which is a grayed lavender (carried over from our SF living room, but much more muted and desaturated b/c it works better for this house). I picked this over a yellow for the family room and the kitchen because it seems very serene. not too much drama or warmth. Also b/c the kitchen I had always pictured a cool white, I wanted the two rooms to flow into one another, so decided to use the same color. I know yellow and white could've worked for a kitchen scheme too, but in my head i just couldn't see it for our house.

Here's a shot of the stairs near the entry.
I chose a light warm gray (Behr's Sandstone Cliff) for the rest of the house: stairwell & hallways, as it is a very pleasant neutral that I think blends seamlessly between rooms...we also had our painter paint the banisters white for us, which made it look a lot more upscale! what a difference paint makes!

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