Thursday, December 13, 2012

And the 14th Annual Pixar Craft Fair...

...was a huge success!  My apologies for not updating my blog after so long!  Life has been full!  Good, but FULL.  Not including my recent trip to Japan for 9 days and came back with a suitcase full of AMAZING japanese fabrics!  aaaaahhhh!!!!

My friend took this photo of my area while it was being set up....I had forgotten to take a picture of it with my SLR, so this is all I have...a bit messy, but you get the idea!  : p
After many months of sewing/designing/stressing and more trips to the fabric store than I'm willing to  count or admit to (was it every weekend for weeks on end?), I finally unveiled all the hard work at the Pixar craft fair the past 2 days.  Woohoo!

Boy, I am exhausted, but grateful!  Grateful for the opportunity to work towards something that I am so passionate about.  Grateful for the chance to showcase all the hard work I have put into this...with a full time job and a budding toddler, it has been difficult finding any kind of spare time to create.  And yet, without it, I am simply not complete...somehow the scale is tipped, and I am off-balance.  My happiness is dependent on my finding that "perfect" balance of life, work, and art.

Ok, getting all philosophical here.  Hee hee.  I'm simply giddy from all the interactions with such wonderful people that came by my booth the last 2 days!  All their support and even when they were simply admiring, all that meant so much to me.

My camera died this morning as I photographed the last couple of bags I had sewn in a week after getting back from Japan (those fabrics were so amazing that I had to kill myself to make them into the craft fair--and honestly, I think THEY made the show), so I'm going to post a portion of what I had at the fair these past few days...

JJ's FIRST-EVER super duper "Lil' Peeps" diaper bag!  (Front view) Features durable canvas body, 10 pockets inside and out.  Also a hanging strap for over the shoulder and stroller.  Zipper closure.  Comes with 4 options of Lil' Peeps lineups.  It'll be a surprise what you will get.  :)  $115. Custom order, please inquire soon before fabric runs out!
Semi-aerial view :)
Back view.  Look how adorable they are!  

"Lil' Peeps" pretty pleated purse. $80. 4 options of character designs possible.  

Owl Mini Tote--Reversible $25 (SOLD OUT)
Owl Pleated Shoulder Tote $40 (SOLD OUT)
Owie Canvas Shopper $30 (SOLD OUT)

Reversible Owl Tote $55 (sorry, SOLD OUT)
Look at the inside!
I'll be posting more when I can resurrect my camera, or find a camera to unload my photos with!  Stay tuned!!

Ok, a coworker let me borrow his battery power, so here's some more photos:
"Hip-hip" tiny tote in blue hippo print: $25. Custom order available.
"Don't Pet Me" in navy: $75. SOLD OUT!!!

"Don't Pet Me" in Ivory/Brown: $75. only a few available.

Reversible Lil Guys tote. $65. (SOLD OUT till I can get more fabric!)

Reverse side of Lil' Guys tote (see below)

Lil' Guys fabric purse! (2 available, $75)
Take a peek inside!  Japanese words say: "It is illegal to reproduce this fabric"

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Samantha said...

Judy, you are SO talented! What's your Etsy store's name? The link on the side of your blog doesn't seem to work, and I can't seem to find you on Etsy :(