Tuesday, March 19, 2013


That's right...just over the weekend a good friend bravely volunteered to do some technical back end work for my new website, judyjoudesign.com.  So, within 24 hours, this site was launched (with me sketching like mad, and my friend doing research on how to get a website set up!), and became what it is now.  I am so grateful for the help, and am excited to announce it to the world.

So the journey of the jjdesign blog will continue on in my new page.  Most of the content will get ported over, over time...: )  Thank you for being such wonderful readers.  Cheers!


ceci said...

very nice, judy! the website looks beautiful! what is elistory? is this your brand?

judy Jou said...

yes Ceci! it's my new clothing line. :)