Sunday, August 8, 2010

a "Onesie" for my adult friend

One of my best friends, K, asked to have a "onesie" made for her some time ago. I was a bit surprised at the time, and thought, "Do adults wear onesie's?" Sure enough, we found a pattern in the store! I kept putting it off though b/c the pattern looked complex...but I finally decided to just press through and surprise her with it for her b-day. The fabric was hard to cut due to the thickness, but ended up being a breeze to sew (no serging required)! The pattern instructions were poorly written, and since I don't like to follow instructions (another reason I can't bake), it took me a while to figure what I was supposed to do. Now that I have done one though, the next (if there is a next) should be easy!

She looked SO adorable in it, and it fit perfectly! (I won't embarrass her here though w/a pic of her) I chose a ridiculously looking pink polar fleece with badminton rackets printed all over with flowers, since we used to play the team sport together. I also sewed the first JJ Design label onto it, with her initials embroidered! I liked it so much that I think I might make one for myself in time for the cold winter here in SF. So there WILL be a next...


Brad said...


Could you make me one with a pooping hole?



judy Jou said...

Hi Brad,

You bet, that will be the next JJ Design venture. I think the phrase you're looking for is: "crotchless pants", right? ;)


Becky said...

i may have to order one for my sister-in-law... she has a onesie.