Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"Beaux' Stratagem"

This was my second show at UCLA, and my first 18th century production. Set in the early 18th century (1707), and written by George Farquar, this was a really fun piece. Joe Olivieri, the director, actually liked the silhouette of the later 18th century, so ended up pushing it back to circa 1760s. We ended up recutting a lot of pre-existing supposedly 18th century gowns to make the period look absolutely correct. Thanks to Maxwell Barr at UCLA, who practically builds 18th c. gowns for museums, the result was breathtaking.

I did a lot of research and learned a great deal about the mannerisms of that period. It was a little stressful though, because I was planning for my wedding at that time, and was literally juggling alterations on my gown and alterations on the show! Not to mention I got rear-ended on the freeway in the midst of all this...talk about stress! Well, if anything, I learned that if I can survive planning a wedding and doing a full-on period show while getting my accident taken care of, I can handle anything!

Some sketches:


Mrs. Sullen

The Thieves, Bagshot and Hounslow

Mr. Sullen

This is an example of a "Color Plot" that I usually put together to show the director the overall palette for the entire show, esp when the cast is large. I also bring copies of the color plot with me to swatch for fabrics.

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