Monday, April 2, 2007


I was so excited to have gotten the opportunity to design "Proof" with Brian Kite, one of my favorite directors. I also have a personal attachment to the story b/c the story is based in Evanston, IL, and the leading lady Catherine goes to Northwestern Univ, where I got my bachelor's from! In fact, this was the first design project I received while at NU. It was a blast, and the cast was incredible.

This show ran from October 13th~29th, 2006, at La Mirada Theater, CA, and received rave reviews in the L.A. Times. Way to go gang!
Some Production Photos:

Some quick marker renderings:

Oh, and this is what I usually make for a show that has many costume changes. It's called a "Color Plot". It's a tool for me to communicate to the director my ideas of color progression throughout, as well as see how each character's colors work with other ones on stage at the same time. It's just quickly painted 4" thumbnails of my designs, taped onto an illustration board. But this one prob got tossed out at the fitting room area! : 0 Ah least I got a picture of it.

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