Sunday, April 1, 2007

"Farmhouse" feature

I recently applied to be Costume Designer for a film called "Farmhouse". So since last Tuesday, I have been hard at work on these designs of 4 demons. With very little info given on them or the plot of the story, other than their names and that they are humans throughout most of the movie, I came up with these:

A redo of the "Dark One"...after some input from Jason at Alliance Group Entertainment.

Well, I met with George the director today, and basically he already knew what he wanted for these demonic beings. Long story short, he said he liked capes and vampire-like my ideas went out the window, sadly. At least I like them, maybe for another production!

Anyway, it's definitely not what people expect me to design, but I think it is very me actually. :) Sorry all my buddies who still think I'm too sweet/innocent. hehehe...can't wait to hear my former professor from UCLA-- Alan's reaction, since he was always teasing me about having my first job out of grad school doing a horror genre film. I guess he thinks I'm too innocent to do a horror film. Well, hope I will prove him wrong. But honestly, I think it's just about being creative; it has little to do with your personality--I think.

So the outcome of all this hard work? Well, I happily took another job at The Actor's Gang since the job offer was waiting for me, and I couldn't resist working with an old friend and brilliant set designer FP. Plus I actually never heard back from AGE...

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