Sunday, September 23, 2007


What a show this was--this would mark the end of my MFA career at UCLA. It was certainly a challenge for me to work as I go, w/o designing everything in full detail, like I normally like to go about things...and I think it turned out really wonderfully.

Since the story takes place during the French Revolution and is set in an insane asylum, my concept was to have the costumes look like they were done by the patients themsevles, when given only gauze strips and leather pieces. I sewed lots of buckles & leather straps, as well as knotted & twisted, dyed & distressed the yards and yards of cotton gauze. It was fun!
Set was done by my favorite Francois-Pierre Couture, a good friend of mine from UCLA. Gotta love that guy for giving me a wonderful backdrop to the costumes! Good collaboration indeed!
some production photos (photos by FP):

some sketches:

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