Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"A Thousand Clowns"

This is one of the shows that I have been working on since "Sylvia" ended. The story takes place in the early 60s. Here's a brief synopsis found on the theater site (Hillbarntheatre.org) :

"Murray Burns, a bachelor uncle with a non-conformist approach to life, is raising his precocious 12 year old nephew. Tired of writing cheap comedy for children's television, he finds himself unemployed and wandering through the streets of New York City, observing life. Social Services drops in to ensure that the nephew is receiving a proper upbringing. Murray, threatened with loosing his nephew, comes to terms with his life, his work, and a significant Social Worker, all the while maintaining his ideals." (play written by Herb Gardner)

I actually really enjoyed the story, and felt that it taught me a lot about even my own life.

The show will open on Jan. 25th, 2008 at Hillbarn in Foster City, CA. But I am aiming to have everything done by 12/15--next weekend!

Well, here are some sketches I have been meaning to put up.
LATEST update: I was nominated for Audience Choice award for best costume design!

Leo Herman, who plays "Chuckles the Chipmunk" in the tv show, appears on stage with a hat that has a chipmunk inside. I designed it to look like a tree trunk. Gail is building the hat for me, so we'll see how that turns out!

I wanted Murray in a pineapple print Hawaiian shirt b/c later on in the story he carries a pineapple to his brother Arnold, who actually usually is the one to bring fruit to him daily b/c he's obsessed with fruits...anyway, I'm excited about the shirt I got from ebay!


oldcat said...

劇照。這些故事都有很深的含義。 我想只有
學戲劇藝術的人比較能體會。在台灣,有一位節目主持人 蔡康永 就是UcLA劇劇系碩士畢業的,他穿的服裝搭配很特別,在台灣其他人很不相同。我想你會走出你的一片天。加油!!

judy Jou said...

Dear Auntie--thanks for looking at my blog! It encourages me to continue to do good work! :) I wish I could see more costume designs done in Taiwan...I'm sure there are a lot of opportunities to be creative there also! Thanks also for sharing those thoughts with me. I hope the show will turn out well!