Monday, September 24, 2007

"The Fence"-short film

One word: Copperopolis. This was a remote town located about 2.5 hours NE of San Francisco. The weather was a consistent 110 degrees everyday, except for nights, but I was with the most amazing group of people on set, so it made it all fun! I had the privilege of working with Matt Silas, who now works for Pixar, and Quyen Tran, the DP, who I had worked with twice before this, but who I was excited to spend 4 1/2 days straight with. Of course, there was the beautiful children of the cast, Lizzie & Lexi, their lovely moms, and Trey McCurly...whose stories from Oklahoma (or was it Alabama?...) we were all fascinated with.

There are simply too many people to name and too much to say--so I'll sum it up with one word (again): "Copperopolis". I miss it so much.

Photo credits: Q, and myself. More to come soon!
shoot days I was there for: Aug 31~Sept 4/2007

note: Since this is my professional site, I don't normally post pictures of people I work with, but this was the BEST picture from Copperopolis! You couldn't have gotten people to make those faces even if you tried! I'm usually pretty shy so to have a shocked look on my face captured on film is a bit...well, embarrassing. But I won't tell you which one is me! ;)

The scenario: There were 2 cameras going at once, and as it turned out the first camera was precariously placed on the back of the truck, and started to fall off the platform! (we're talking a camera worth a few thousand $!). So the second camera (also placed on the same truck, but much more stable) went off right then and captured the moment. :) Good job everyone!

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Sarah said...

Haha, Judy that's awesome! I remember you telling me about this camera when mine almost did the same thing... I hope it survived the fall :)