Saturday, February 6, 2010

Becoming a Bag lady...

I had been on a creative hiatus, and recently got inspired to design/make totes for a crafts fair. It's been a lot of fun, and I hope I continue to get inspired to create more!

These do take a lot of time--from conceiving a design, patterning, cutting, to sewing...the process could take hours! Also, I was making each bag different, b/c I felt like it was more fun to design each one as I went, even though they ended up taking longer to create. Well, that is what art is about, isn't it? ;)

Special thanks to my friend A who graciously offered to help me design my logo based on my rough ideas--I love it! I never could have churned it out so quickly. Thanks A! Now I need to figure out a website for my "product". Here's a product page with the specs for the bags. Some fabrics are limited edition so bags cannot be reproduced, but others I still have fabric for. I am also working on more patterns too. Please feel free to let me know which you like and I can custom make one just for you!

In the next few months, I'll be working on a new collection of materials. Please check back!

Latest update 12/21/09: Blue/Gold fabric all out. Sorry! : (

Newest to the collection:
Deep Shoulder Tote in Tropical (SOLD OUT)

1. Reversible rectangular tote ($65 SOLD OUT currently)

2. Reversible tote with applique (SOLD OUT)

3. Petite knick-knack sac $30
in Tropical:

in Festive (NEW!):

4. Shoulder tote with magnetic snap $70 (only 1 left!)

5. Soft shopper bag with vintage button (SOLD OUT)

6. Fully lined shoulder tote with vintage button (SOLD OUT)

7. Soft wide tote w/inner pockets (SOLD OUT)

8. Soft petite knick-knack sacs! $15 (SOLD OUT!)

9. Canvas tote w/a twist $60
in Crimson:

or in Guacomole:

10. Bouquet tote: sturdy construction and roomy (sold out)

11. Deep soft canvas tote--especially roomy, with inner pockets $60 (JJ DESIGN BESTSELLER!)


asian chick said...

They are so cute, Judy!

Danielle Pioli said...

Oh, so nice!!! =D

seopee said...

ahhh so cute judy!!! i wish i could just get bored and then decide to create something (and actually do it)! :D

judy Jou said...

hey joyce! you are always so supportive and encouraging. It's my first bag-making so hopefully I'll get inspired again to make another collection. :) If you've got any ideas throw them my way!