Sunday, November 4, 2012

leaves + bunting = new bathroom art

Baby j's bathroom is one that when giving tours to our house guests, I seem to apologize for the most.  Why?  b/c I actually was disappointed with the paint color I chose, but really only because I don't love the bathroom vanity that came with the house, but am not handy enough to do anything about it...(I think in another life, I would be a carpenter. ha!)

Anyway, I woke up on a Saturday morning just last weekend (like 4 am) and had the idea for baby j's bathroom.  I wouldn't say it's brilliant, but I just love how simple the designs are and how easy it was to execute.  It took me a few hours, but they were fun hours!  I had found 2 nice frames from Marshall's for $9.99 apiece that already came pre-matted, and was eager to get started.  lovely!

Here are photos, w/o further ado...(kind of step-by-step showing how I put it together--hot glue gun is my friend!)
1. lay out the design: i just used some scrap pieces from the laundry hamper I had just made for the bathroom, to tie them all in
 2. hot glue gun magic--pull taut and press down, to the back of the masonite board that came with the picture frame.
3. Give it a nice press with the iron--wrinkles are unforgiving when it's a framed art!
 4. I remembered to take pictures for my second piece of art.  I started to play around with the fabrics and decided to make "Falling Leaves"
 5. I wanted it to be slightly organic but also follow a pattern...
 6. Remember that there's a mat that the artwork should fit into
 7. Put the frame on, and hang! (apologies still for the bathroom...I'm working on a shower curtain to hide the not-so-pretty shower doors!


ceci said...

i love this!!! so simple and cheery and adorable!

judy Jou said...

thank you ceci! it was fun to make! no sewing involved!